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Testimonials from previous clients

Alternative Space designed and installed a garden office for the bottom of my garden in North London. Paul Marsden readily discussed design details and came up with a version of the office which perfectly suited my professional needs as a writer. The building is sometimes loosely referred to by my friends as a ‘shed’ but is, in fact, a completely fitted, fully insulated and wired room complete with blinds, heater, alarms and dimmable lighting. Paul and his team took especial care in siting the office: it was not just slotted into the available space but lodged carefully among fully grown trees and bushes, placed on a raised, paved patio with adjacent fences and side spaces adapted for future plant growth. My neighbours are actually pleased to see the sedum-roofed structure from their windows and I am delighted to have added an entire room to my house thereby freeing up
space for my family.

Archway, North London

My studio is a delight to go to work in. It is cosy, well made and secure. Looking at it from the house is a great pleasure and we are really enjoying the green roof. Paul and the team have produced a beautiful and well made sanctuary for us and we are so glad to have chosen them for the job. We also had Paul design decking for the garden which is superb and transformed the garden into a friendly and social space. They had left the site completely finished and ready for use which was the best bit. We didn’t need to do anything else – just move in! I would highly recommend anyone who needs a work space to go for an Alternative-Space studio.

South London

I love being a shedder! My garden room is about the most glamorous shed you can imagine. It fits naturally into our small London garden and has received a number of compliments from the neighbours. The sedum roof is a real plus – it looks attractive and it is much enjoyed by the birds. On the day I moved in it rained ferociously and I felt very snug in here and insulated from the elements – you can’t hear the rain on the roof.

The workmanship of Paul and his team is excellent. They were very easy going and tidy and managed to work in a very confined space. Other than providing them with (good) coffee they were no trouble at all for us or the neighbours.

My Alternative Space is a great design – flexible, attractive and well made.

Hackney, North London

Where once there was a rubbish tip, now we have a beautiful room in our garden. It is warm, eco friendly and a pleasure to work in.

As an extra bonus we have freed up space in our house and added to the landscape of the garden.

Paul and his sons really listened to our needs and produced something that did not just meet, but which exceeded our expectations.

We are very proud of their work.

John & Lisa
West Dulwich, South London

(Landscaping also by Alternative Space)

I am really delighted with my garden office from Alternative Space. My wife had to impose a quota of maximum hours I’m aloud to spend in it. It is a great space for working, it’s warm, quiet and very light. It is my very own space!

I hesitated between a loft extension and a garden room and decided for the latter because it was it would allow me to be outside of the house when working and not being disturbed during conference calls by my lovely children. It allows me to have a clear separation between work and home, separate phone lines, separate computers, etc. It was also much cheaper than the loft extension.

I chose Alternative Space because I believed they have the best product and I just had a good feeling about Paul and his crew. It was a pleasure having the team around for 3 weeks, they were discrete, professional and delivered on time and within budget.

Highly recommended!

Ealing, North London

I have worked from home for over eight years. I had my office in the house and, although the views and outlook were beautiful , it had become very stressful combining work with an administrator, teenage kids, family and pets. I began to look into the possibilities of building an office in the garden, but disappointingly could only find poor quality solutions at the price I could afford.Synchronistically, just when I had decided stress was my lot, Paul asked if he could build a prototype alternative space at the bottom of my garden. Amazingly it would have enough room to house two work stations and a put-you-up for a guest, or for me if I wanted to escape, and it was eminently affordable!

The office is a gift from the universe. Three or four people can work in here without getting in each other’s way. My stress has all but gone, my business is more streamlined and productive and it is a joy working in the warmth and the light. An added bonus is that it is eco friendly in all respects, and I personally feel closer to nature.

Paul is a joy to have around and crafts his work without any intrusion. Magic.

Dulwich, South London